About Us

Calories Calculation is a website that provides information about nutrition and physical activity. Our team consists primarily of nutritionists, programmers, doctors, pharmacists and trained fitness coaches who work together to write articles that help users get appropriate information.

Our team of developers, in cooperation with doctors and nutritionists, has developed programs (calculators) that create precise calculations of your daily energy needs or your daily needs in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrates. They have also developed a program that allows you to adjust your diet according to your energy needs and your goals. This program is the first of its kind in the world, for which we are very proud. Also, developers are responsible for the beautiful look of the site so that we can provide you a pleasant reading experience.

We are completely independent and articles are written exclusively by our experts.

We are not sponsored by any other company.

We assure you that what you read on our website is written by appropriate experts who have years of experience. If our experts believe that they are not competent enough to write about a topic, we hire external experts to assist us. However, this site is not and cannot be a substitute for visiting a doctor or other health care professional. This is why you need to read our Privacy Policy page and Disclaimer.

We have gathered an excellent team of exceptional professionals and created this site to help everyone eat healthier food, as we are aware of the importance of this topic in today's world.

A few words about our site:

  1. Calories Calculation was published on September 24th 2016 and is one of the newer websites on the Internet.
  2. Our site is the first in the world that has software allowing you to adjust your diet to your needs and goals.
  3. Our team consists of three nutritionists, two doctors, one pharmacist and one programmer.
  4. We currently have hundreds of visitors a month (only because we are new on the Internet). We hope that we will soon reach many more visitors.

If you have questions about us, please contact us by email: info@caloriescalculation.com